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What is a belief? Often in life people talk about things with no clear idea of what they really are. It is common for people to view belief as though it is a thing, a tangible quantity that you can physically hold, when in fact it is a feeling of certainty.

If you say that you believe that you are clever, what you are really saying is that you are certain of this fact, you feel certain that you are clever. This feeling of certainty allows you to tap into your inner resources that allows you to produce results that mirror that belief.

An easy way of beginning to understand belief is to think about the foundations that make up an idea. There are numerous idea's you might have every day, but don't really buy into with any real conviction or belief.

Let's take the idea of being attractive. You could say to yourself right now, 'I am attractive.' Whether or not you believe this statement on the other-hand is a different matter and involves the certainty you affix to that idea.

So what will turn our idea's into beliefs? To use the example of being attractive, if you have the idea that you are attractive what will give this certainty are experiences that support that idea. Experiences that will support the idea and therefore give it certainty.

Say for example you receive lots of attention in the street or have been told by more than one person that you are indeed attractive. These will build certainty and a belief around the idea and support the notion that you are attractive.

So you see building positive beliefs about yourself will require you to be certain that those beliefs are true. So how do we go about that? By building enough reference points to support the idea and thus concreting it as a certain.


The difference between winners and losers in life are those that have a positive and optimistic approach to life and those that have a negative and pessimistic view on life. This translates to their beliefs about all aspects of their lives and essentially controls their lives. Keeping them stuck in their belief system about how hard life is or how certain things are unachievable.

Positive people on the other-hand believe that anything is possible and if they encounter problems that they are to simply be overcome.

Do you see how the power of belief can shape the power you have? I want to teach you on how to harness intention and belief in order to harness your true power.

Holding limiting beliefs about yourself will be like a slow drip of poison into your system, slowly taking away all the power you have, until you are left powerless and confused as to what you can do to regain control of your life.

Remember in order to have power you must have intention and belief. So let's start right now with you making a decision, a decision to regain your power and cease being a victim. Decide and set the intention now for any aspect in your life you are not happy with. Perhaps it's that book you've been putting off writing or the garage that needs cleaning out. It is not important, large or small. The important part is that you make a decision today that you will focus on it, by setting this simple intention the Universe will instantly start working with you and you will find doors opening in front of you, all assisting you in realising your dreams.


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