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Some of you may be visiting this site due to an illness that is robbing you of the life you wish; some looking for alternatives to general medicine routes, others perhaps to maintain and improve your existing health, or that of a loved one. Whatever your reasons for visiting, I hope I can be of help.

Choosing to work with me is an investment not only in your present state of health but in your future well being too. Rapid improvements in health can be experienced as well as slow and subtle changes over a longer period of time ­ it all depends upon the individual’s unique make up and the nature of their problems. I do not have a magic solution to health problems, but what I do have is knowledge, and practical experience of the body’s ability to regenerate itself with the gentle aid of targeted nutritional and natural medicine techniques. My job is to help you, your partner, or your children (should you have any) to become healthy and stay that way!

With my 100% commitment to improving your health must come the understanding that all endevours in helping you, your health and your quality of life, are a team effort. Patient participation is vital in a natural medicine and nutrition program. Alongside the application of these holistic treatments must come a patient re-assessment and alteration of previous lifestyle and nutritional habits, thereby allowing all treatments to succeed to their maximum potential. However this does not have to be done all at once. My aim is to help you integrate changes as simply and easily as possible.

What Do I Do ?

I am a London based qualified Clinical Nutritionist, Naturopath and Chef, currently undertaking a futher 4 year Msc in Homeopathic Medicine ( a total of 9 years education and training ).

My main natural health tools are clinical nutrition, naturopathic and homeopathic medicine. ( In order to understand these in a little more detail please read the two sections, Clinical Nutrition? Info and Homeopathy? Info ).

My specialisation is working with women of all ages as well as babies, children and couples with fertility issues. The range of health issues I cover is enormous, from digestive complaints to sleep problems, from arthritis to depression (see the Women’s Health Issues page and Baby/Child Health Issues page for the full list of health issues I work with – if you cannot find your specific problem, then please do call me to discuss it).

It is rare to find a natural health practitioner with not just one, but three different types of training. These specialisations are practiced in unison within every treatment program to create a highly effective solution to fighting the causes of ill health. From a patient’s perspective this also saves the inconvenience of visiting a separate Nutritionist, Naturopath and Homeopath. This approach is not only more cost effective for a patient, but also allows for a greater continuity in the treatment process.


All appointments take one hour and take place in a quiet, comfortable room, with both the patient and practitioner sitting in easy chairs. My approach is to create a relaxed atmosphere allowing the patient to feel comfortable in talking about themselves, their health as well as learning how to improve it. The advice given in each session is discussed in detail. This advice is also recorded in a written report for you to take home. This report acts as a reference resource for patients, assisting you in putting all the advice discussed in the session into successful practice.

Over the course of a few sessions a patient can expect:

1.To have had their state of health assessed in detail, via detailed medical questionnaires, in house testing (covered by appointment fee) or laboratory testing (additional cost).

.To have a personal eating programme designed to help them achieve their particular goals. This is modified as the patient improves over time.

.To be given practical advice upon quick and easy food shopping, preparation, cooking and storage, helping the patient keep to their personal eating programme

.To have a personal supplement programme prescribed (if the patient wishes to take vitamin and mineral supplements, it is entirely their choice).

.To have a personal homeopathic medicine course prescribed (if the patient wishes to take homeopathic medicine).

.To be given practical advice upon types of exercise and the best way to get fit.

.To be given practical advice about achieving a healthy home and work place e.g. raising awareness of potential chemical hazards from toiletries, cleaning products and work related chemicals known to affect health and fertility.

.To be monitored, supported and coached throughout the patient’s progress, making it a real team effort.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions will vary from person to person depending upon their state of health and what they are trying to achieve. The first two to three will enable me to collect as much medical history as possible, explain thoroughly what needs to be done and why and how to put the recommendations into practice. Nutritional, naturopathic and homeopathic techniques will be incorporated in these sessions. These initial sessions ideally need to be spread over the first month, thereafter the sessions become much more spread out at four weekly intervals. How long a patient stays working with me is entirely dependent upon their progress, but results are usually seen within the first month and consolidated over the next 3 to 6 months. Patients who have been ill for a long time should expect to work with me for a bit longer because the deeper the problem the longer the body takes to recover.

What will the cost be?

The charge for each session is £70, this includes the preparatory work before each session e.g. the detailed analysis of the medical questionnaires (which you complete before your first appointment) and the analysis laboratory test results involved later consultations. There is also a degree of telephone support for patients with short questions between sessions.

Will there be any additional costs?

Vitamin and mineral supplements are sometimes recommended for a period of time, which the patient pays for separately. The decision to use these supplements is entirely up to the patient, they are not forced to do anything they do not want to do. Furthermore, there is no ‘hard sell’ of supplement products because there is no link to any specific supplement manufacturer.

Private medical laboratory testing can be extremely useful in some cases. There are a wide range of tests available. Examples of these tests are: food intolerance testing , female hormone level testing (oestrogen, progesterone, testosterone etc), stress levels testing (cortisol and DHEA) vitamin and mineral level testing, full blood counts and genetic test to determine specific beneficial dietary requirements. There are three main private laboriatires used, one in Harley Street, one in Chelsea and the third in America. For further details please select the Health Screening option in the Further Reading section of the above menu.

So what is my next step if I wish to go ahead?

If you would like to begin working with me you need to call to make an appointment and ask to be sent a questionnaire pack. These questionnaires need to be filled in and sent back before your first appointment so they can be analyzed thoroughly (this applies for baby and child cases as well). The reason for the questionnaires is to enable as much information as possible to be collected about a patient’s medical history, current symptoms and concerns, thus freeing up more time in the first session.