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This may be the first time you have ever considered talking to someone, about worries you may have. Although family and friends are very important in supporting you through difficult times, you may worry about upsetting them, or feel that they might not be able to be objective.

A counsellor can help you think about your difficulties from a different perspective so that you can be free to find your own solutions.

Remember – No problem is too big or too small.

bkcldain Personal problems

Grief, anxiety, stress, depression, mid-life crisis, low self-esteem, self-harm, sexual identity, race and discrimination, personal growth.

 gcldran1 Health

Disability, illness, insomnia, addictions (smoking, drugs, alcohol, eating disorders).

 lightblk Abuse

Rape, childhood sexual abuse, emotional, physical and sexual abuse.

tearpool Relationships

Isolation, loneliness, loss, bereavement, bullying and sexual difficulties

All counselling sessions are confidential. Very occasionally, I might need to make contact with other professionals, but this would only be done with your informed consent, except in the very exceptional circumstances when you or someone else is at serious risk and you cannot be contacted for permission.

I am open to work with people of all backgrounds, regardless of gender, sexuality, race, ability, class, or HIV status.

My background

In 1964 I trained at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London as an Orthoptist. I obtained a Diploma in Orthoptics and became State Registered.

In the 1990’s my interests in Psychology took me in a different direction, and I studied part-time at the University of Wales in Swansea, to be awarded a Diploma in Counselling in 1996.

In 1997 , when working as a volunteer with the Victim Support Agency, I undertook special training in working with Rape and Sexual crimes. I also took this further in 1998, completing courses with Carolyn Ainscough and Claire Toon on working with Survivors of Sexual Abuse.

My counselling interests were expanding and being a creative person I studied for, and obtained, a Certificate in Art and Person Centred Counselling in 1998. This was a wonderful year both personally and professionally.

Also in 1998 I worked through a course in Supervision ,at the Graduate School of Education in Bristol.

Being fascinated by images and metaphor I studied for a year at the University of Wales Swansea, Department for Adult Continuing Education, in Gestalt Counselling . So in 1999 I added another Certificate to my collection.

In the Millennium year I changed direction slightly and studied with the Open University. This was a Level 2 module entitled “Information Technology and Society” .The course was a combination of IT and Sociology, looking at the impact of the Internet on the World today.

In 2001 I spent some time looking into Colour Therapy to see how I might incorporate the world of colour into my work.

In that year I also completed training in Online Counselling with and I now work as a tutor on the course.

In 2002 I trained as a Reflexologist, and there for the moment my formal training rests.


My Training as a Counsellor was based on the Person  Centred approach but I consider myself to be a creative therapist. I use Art Therapy, Visualisation, and Gestalt techniques where appropriate.

I am a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and abide by their code of ethics. I am working towards Accreditation and receive regular Supervision.

I will keep our communications confidential and any information I hold on you will be kept in a secure place for a limited time only ie the time we are in contact.

I am required by law to report cases of child abuse, but this I would not do without informing you directly before the event.

Remember – If you are in an immediate crisis situation get help immediately – please now and ask for help. The Samaritans website can be found at