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Sales and Service Induction 2 days

Prioritising & Time Management

Incoming Call Structures

Customer Transition

Listening & Questioning

This module is for new, inexperienced or untrained sales and service people. The training covers the vital areas, converting incoming enquiries, time management, simple research, customer transition (how anyone buys anything), effective questioning, voice technique, negotiation made easy and closing.

It is important to appreciate that this module is also for anyone who does not see themselves as a sales person but ultimately has revenue generating responsibility, often from existing and renewal customers. This training improves your effective communication with customers..

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The Reality Sales Structure 2 days

Telesales & Field Sales Prospecting

Account Management Training -This is the only way to sell and work with a client as a partner over a long period of time. It is a proven sales process that creates real and natural customer relationships and leads to higher order values. Whose agenda is more important, yours or your clients? Learn how to put them first and give them what they want.

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Field Sales & Telesales Renewals 2 days

Researching & Planning

  • Territory management
  • Getting Appointments
  • The Reality Sales Structure Review
  • Determining Your Unique Selling Points
  • Creating your Value Added Propositions

Delivering your Proposal

This module is for people making the transition between telesales and field sales or for those looking for a new approach to selling and servicing clients

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Selling Across the Portfolio 2 days

Different products and services for different people

  • Rates
  • Writing winning proposals
  • Increasing order value & frequency of purchase

When you have more than one product or service to sell it is important to understand how they complement each other – and your clients’ needs. You work on matching these, comparing products and alternatives and look at the best ways to sell your portfolio.

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Call Centres and Retail Businesses 2 days 2 days

The 30 Second Window

Existing and New Customers

Getting the most from existing data

The difference between price and value

Recognising the demands on your organisation

The Reality Incoming Call Structure – How to gain control and enable ‘someone who calls you ‘ to see the true advantages of your proposition by creating 10 core values. You will discover 3 types of questions which help you to fully understand a customer’s needs before making a recommendation.

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Movie Motivation 1-2 days

An off-site event that includes the writing, rehearsing, directing, filming and editng of up to 6, 10 minute movies. Looking at either themes suggested by you or aspects of sales and marketing theory and practice. A fun, exhausting, stimulating and highly rewarding exercise. A great way to motivate your team and experience business management training at its most fun!

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