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Management & Team Training  2 days

An intensive 3 part module covering broad areas of management theory and practice building practical skills for immediate use.

Managing People


The art of delegation

How to ‘let go’

Drawing the ‘bigger picture’

Overcoming limiting beliefs

Decision making in corporate firms

Understanding individual backgrounds vs company culture

Embracing and Changing cultures

Coaching, Mentoring and Appraisals

Ongoing performance evaluation – made easy

Empathy & Sympathy

How to empower staff

Using body language and understanding status

Turning ‘moaners’ into evangelists

Meeting Strategies

Dismantling the ‘meeting’ culture

Your availability

The positive agenda


How to make the biggest problem in UK organisations a corporate advantage

Targets vs. Capabilities

New ideas to motivate and enthuse staff


Managing Work  

When work comes in, exactly what happens?

How can we improve our systems?

What are the time factors?

How do we prioritise?

Understanding demand

What demands are placed upon us and our staff?

Work that goes upward

Nightmare budgeting becomes a dream

Reports – who reads them?

Challenging requests


Managing Clients

Understanding our purpose

Examining systems to ensure our customers derive maximum benefit

Learn about how leading brands have changed their agenda

The Business Conversation

How to differentiate our behavior for maximum gain

Managing client expectations, anticipation and reporting

Unique Selling Points and Value Added Propositions

Rate Integrity & Delivering Cost

Over this 2 day course managers are challenged to look at their current systems and try new approaches. Through role plays and stimulating exercises managers try different scenarios and study perceptions. The module concentrates on theories and then puts these into practice. The skills and knowledge they learn or rediscover will improve any manager’s effectiveness and serve to increase productivity, profitability and staff motivation.

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Personal Development  2 days

Being part of a team

Career Development

Business & Community Networking

Events & Exhibitions

Creative Thinking

Campaign Strategy

Taking time away from the day to day to see the bigger picture, strategies that help you and your organization grow. We mix marketing savvy with an overview of emotional intelligence that allows you to seek new partnerships and directions.

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Rate Card Training or ‘Holding Your Price’ 2 Days

Negotiation to Fixed Price Policies

Pricing and Cost development

Learn different Cost scenarios

Supporting your rates

Strategies to achieve higher order values

Case studies and exercises that support the adoption of a ‘no negotiation price policy’. Once you have determined the ‘value added propositions’ your company provides you will never sell any other way. This module is one of our most popular media sales training courses but is equally applicable to most markets.

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