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  • Relationship Building & New Business 2 days
  • Understanding Status
  • People Types
  • Winning New Business
  • Marketing – an introduction

Resolving Complaints

Developing an understanding of marketing from customer types to distribution channels. We look at the role of status, building a business strategy with your client and 5 ways of sourcing new prospects.

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Presentation Skills 2 days

Groups or Individuals – We all fear standing up in front of clients and audiences to speak. Reality have a core module that deals with all the problems that surround presenting and look at speech, body language and tone. We look at the content you use and how it can be edited and improved. Over 2 days we transform you from a nervous wreck to a professional presenter with everything it takes.

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  • Performance Training 1day
  • Dealing with targets
  • When and how to report
  • Managing your manager
  • Internal networking
  • Building a team
  • Becoming an expert

This module is for talented groups who need to be given more of a free reign, more responsibility to develop on their own and also given help in career progression.

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