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We (my colleagues and I) have 29 years of successful business experience between us.

All our courses are 2-trainer courses. This allows for observation and greater focus and diversity.

Our courses are lively, highly entertaining and memorable due to our skills as professional actors and presenters.

Our understanding of marketing means we are better able to relate to the sales and marketing disciplines within your organisation.

We practice what we preach – we are still salesmen. We have recently sold Memostick (a new advertising medium) to the Guardian and Observer newspapers.

We don’t rely on technology. Although when we do use it to show short clips from films or audio clips it always has a dramatic effect.

We have created an extensive range of training modules and dedicate time to updating and refining these before every course.

All our modules are 2 days modules – the first day is about knowledge and theory, the second day is about practice and making it applicable for each individual.

As well as the training days there are 2 other days where we prepare the content which involves researching your market, competitors and buyers and then a day when we write up your training notes so you get an actual, true record of what we’ve covered and what was said. This is the meaning of bespoke training.

We dress smartly, are always on time, and we don’t take the mickey with our expenses.

At the end of each training day we are often ecstatic and this is the ideal time to tap us for free drink!